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Group Classes: Class Descriptions

Schedule | Class Descriptions | Instructors | FAQ

Our Group Exercise Program is happy to provide a wide variety of classes and encourages you to work at your own pace!

All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise stated.

To reserve a bike, a sign-up sheet is available at the front desk 30 minutes before each class.

ALL PEAC SPIN CLASSES: The classes are performed on a stationary bike to simulate a bike ride using music and an instructor as a motivator. Visualization and other techniques are used to create an exciting and individually challenging atmosphere. Discover your goals and limitations while acquiring a variety of cardiovascular benefits. Ask about our 15- minute intro for first timers.

  • BEGINNER SPIN, TONE & STRETCH: This class will introduce the benefits of indoor cycling in a group setting. A bike set up, a short ride, a toning and stretching segment will be offered to our “new to spin” members.
  • PEAC SPIN: Take your workout to any level in this 45-minute ride.
  • SPIN CHALLENGE: Take cycling to a new level with this high intensity workout simulates race conditions including sprints and hills.
  • SPIN FLEX: This class offers a spin ride, followed by either upper body or core strength training off the bikes. This class gives riders a total body workout.
  • SPIN & PUMP: A class combining Intervals of spinning and weight work.

Cross Training Classes

  • BOOT CAMP: Get into shape with the fast moving cross training class that will make you sweat! Be ready to “Step out of the box!”
  • CARDIO TENNIS (60 minutes): A fast moving, high energy workout with tennis related drills. All levels welcome, racquets can be provided. To reserve a spot, a sign-up sheet will be available 30 minutes before each class.
  • CIRCUIT EXPRESS: 30 minute class on the fitness floor combining machines and cardio.
  • CROSS TRAIN CHALLENGE: A high intensity plyometic type workout used in most sport training camps. Workouts rang from box jumps and sprints to weight lifting and ladder shuttles and are designed to leave you feeling satisfied. This class offers a wide variety of exercises to keep it interesting and is for the person who is ready to work hard within time limitations and push themselves to the next training level.
  • H.I.I.T: This is a 55 minute high intensity interval training class. The name says it all! Modifications will be shown. All levels welcome.
  • MANIAC MONDAY: All cardio – all the time. This 55 minute class starts with 15 minutes of spinning followed by boxing, step, hi and low impact and the track. Great way to burn off the weekend. All levels welcome.
  • REBOUND CIRCUIT: Bounce your way to good health! This class combines segments of rebounding, weights and other “surprises.” All levels welcome.
  • TBC INTERVAL: Get the best of both worlds – Total Body Conditioning using weights, bars, balls & bands with simple cardio intervals to keep you in your fat burning zone
  • WALK N’ WEIGHTS: This 45 minute class takes place out on the track-Power walking with intervals of weight work. Tone your legs strengthen your heart & BURN FAT!
  • WALK N’ WEIGHTS EXPRESS: A 30 minute express workout that combines walking with upper and lower body strengthening exercises. No Time-No Excuse!!
  • WALK N’ WEIGHTS CHALLENGE: Take the Walk N’ Weights Challenge to the next level. All levels welcome.
  • WEIGHT CIRCUIT: (45 minutes) Work on machines on the fitness floor under the supervision of two trainers. All levels welcome.

Mind/Body Classes

  • BARRE DEFINED: Combines the core conditioning associated with Pilates along with the flexibility improvements that occur with Yoga. We incorporate an array of small props as well as a fixed ballet barre to focus on isometric movements that challenge the body from the inside out. No dance or ballet studio background required.
  • BARRE FUSION: This class is designed to restore posture, total body strength, self confidence and energy. You will “tap” into the metabolic system by working deep control muscles slowly. Classical ballet barre, pilates, and deep-developmental movement (ddm) are used in every class. No dance background is required, but each person should come with an open mind, ready to have fun and learn about the three “strength systems”- Power, Grace, and Muscular endurance. You will be using the barre in each class.
  • BARRE & BALANCE (45 minutes): This 45 minute class works on balance, core and leg strength. A stretching segment will be included.
  • BEGINNER PILATES: This class will give you an introduction to the basic principles of the Pilates Method. The exercises are performed at a slower pace so you can focus on proper alignment and understand the mind body connection. Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone your Body.
  • BEGINNER TAI CHI (45 minutes): This art focuses on the movement of your muscles, breathing, and the consciousness of how your body weight is distributed with no impact. The benefits include relaxation, toned muscles, and improved blood circulation, balance, and flexibility.
  • BEGINNER YOGA “Welcome to Yoga.” This class is designed to familiarize beginners with basic yoga postures and breathing techniques. Your yoga journey begins here
  • CHAIR YOGA- This 30 minute class uses the assistance of a chair to help explore all the benefits of Yoga.
  • CORE DYNAMICS:  A fusion of the core strengthening movements used in Pilates, yoga and traditional muscle building. This class will focus on developing greater core strength, increased lower spine flexibility and stability, overall midline muscle control and improved balance. Yoga postures and breath work will be the source of rest and relaxation following more intense strengthening sequences.
  • CORE & MORE EXPRESS: This 30 minute express class works on strengthening the core and improving balance.
  • CORE & MORE PLUS: This 55 minute class includes intervals of core work, lower body exercise and cardio. A total body make over.
  • GENTLE PILATES (30 minutes): Introduces the fundamentals of the mat Pilates class and incorporates exercises that improve posture, spinal flexibility and core strength.
  • HATHA YOGA: Hatha yoga techniques focusing on breathing, balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation. Connect the mind and body through fluid movements, breathing techniques and visualization.
  • INTERMEDIATE TAI CHI: For those who have learned the Sun Style and are looking to deepen their understanding, develop better technique, greater relaxation and awareness of breath. We will learn the Yang 24 form International style.
  • JOINT MOBILITY (30 minutes): This class will help increase flexibility, mobility, and reduce stress on joints
  • PIYO: Use your bodyweight to perform a series of continued targeted moves. No weights, No jumps. Just hardcore results all packed into a great flexibility and strength workout. For men and women of all levels.
  • RESTORE & STRETCH: This therapeutic class emphasizes balance, flexibility and relaxation to help improve mobility and function. All levels welcome!
  • SUNRISE YOGA: Relax, unwind, and take your mind to another level. This early AM yoga class focuses on yoga postures, flexibility, breathing, and body alignment. Celebrate A New Dawn!
  • TAI CHI: (45 Minutes) This art focuses on the move­ment of your muscles, breathing, and the consciousness of how your body weight is distributed with no impact. The benefits include relaxation, toned muscles, and im­proved blood circulation, balance, and flexibility.
  • TAI CHI - MIXED FORMS: This class is an intermediate Yang Style Tai Chi class focused on mixed forms, to include Straight Sword & Fan. The class is directed toward those looking to build upon their basic knowledge of Yang Form Tai Chi.
  • YIN YOGA: Involves a series of long-held, passive floor poses designed to strengthen joints, ligaments and con­nective tissue. A necessary complement to all exercise activities that stress the muscles. Suitable for all levels.
  • VINYASA YOGA: A combination of classical hatha yoga and lyenger traditions with focus on breath and movement in flowing asana sequences (vinyasas).
  • YOGA FOR ATHLETES: Most athletes struggle with the same three areas: hips, hamstrings and lower back. This practice will help alleviate your tight muscles and broaden your range of flexibility. All levels welcome.
  • YOGA FOR DEEP RELEASE: This class focuses on the release of tension along the spine, in the hips and in the major muscle groups. This late morning class is an excellent addition to the early morning activities of our PEAC athletes; it is an appropriately slow practice for those not wanting to do Vinyasa. This class is suited for all levels looking for deep release.
  • YOGA FOR EVERYBODY: This class is a blend of deep stretches and simple yoga postures taught at slow pace. Included in this practice will be hip opening and some lower back releases. For all levels.

Step Classes

  • INTERMEDIATE STEP: For all you Step lovers- Put the “Step” back into your cardio workout with Danielle on Saturday mornings.


Tone, Strength & Condition

  • CORE & CARDIO EXPRESS: Combines great core work with short cardio intervals.
  • FY CARDIO INTERVAL: This 30 minute class will work the most important muscle - your heart! Burn calories while you gain strength.
  • FY HAVE A BALL: A 30 minutes class using a ball and mat to improve balance, posture and alignment while building core strength.
  • KICKBOXING PLUS: This action packed class utilizes bands, weights, and medicine balls for conditioning as well as kick boxing and boxing drills to your metabolism. So put the gloves on and get ready to rumble! Awesome calorie burn. Great stress buster. Plus it’s fun! All levels welcome.
  • PEAC PUMP: PEAC Pump uses a 3-pound barbell with interchangeable weight plates, you will perform high repetitions of exercises to target all the major muscle groups.
  • REBOUND/TONE EXPRESS: This 30 minute class combines rebounding, weights and core work. All levels welcome. 
  • TBC: Total Body Conditioning. Get a challenging strength-training workout in a group setting. Use of bands, hand weights, and exercise balls, assist in raising your motivation and peaking your interest. This class focuses on all major muscle groups for a Total Body Workout!
  • TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE: With a PEAC Performance’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists upstairs on a turf surface. The workouts are designed to be challenging using resisted sprinting, plyometrics, medicine ball work, hurdle and agility ladders, kettlebells, calisthenics, TRX Systems and more. Not only will you be burning up to 500 calories while being motivated, but you will increase your strength and endurance while having fun. Come on upstairs and try us out!

Speciality Classes

  • BOX & BOUNDING: This energizing class combines great cardio boxing drills on the mini trampolines. Burn Calories, Burn Fat and Have Fun! All levels welcome.
  • COUCH TO 5K: If you’ve always wanted to try running, but are not sure where to begin- This class is for you. Learn to run at your own pace without injuries. Or if you are already a runner, and would like to increase your speed and distance- This class is for you. Learn new drills to improve your running skills.
  • GOTTA DANCE (45 minutes): Have fun and relieve stress while you burn mega calories with Christie as she takes you through different decades and styles of dancing that are very easy to follow. All levels welcome.
  • KETTLEBELL BODY BLAST: Kettlebell training gives fast results for strength, endurance and muscle toning by challenging both the muscular and cardio vascular systems with dynamic total body movements. All levels welcome.
  • NICK'S CIRCUIT: This is a circuit class done in the track area. All levels welcome.
  • PEAC 90X COMPLETE: PEAC 90x Complete is an exciting new way to experience the muscle confusion elements of P90X. This class combines a variety of exercises including strength and resistance training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics and stretching for a High Intensity Interval Training “HIIT” class.
  • ZUMBA: Ditch the workout and join the party with this hottest new fitness craze. Burn calories and have a whole lot of fun doing it. Dance your way to a fitter you with Zumba! No experience needed- all levels welcome.

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