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Facilities & Features: Features

Facility Floorplan | Features

Cardio Area
Our state-of-the-art equipment is spaciously arranged to offer you unreserved access to a multitude of Treadmills, Upright & Recumbent Bikes, Elliptical Trainers, Cross Trainers, Concept II Rowers and StairMaster Climbers just to name a few. Enhance your workout experience with our wireless entertainment system offering television and music options, or just enjoy the view of the outdoors through an expanse of windows.
Facility Floorplan

Strength Equipment Area
Keep your exercise regimen exciting and challenging at PEAC. Strategically designed with state-of-the-art equipment from Cybex, Icarian, Body Master, Free Motion, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. Exercise programs can be easily accomplished and diversified with ease of a quick workout to an intense and challenging workout.
Facility Floorplan

Stretching Area
Throughout the facility, you will find your own comfortable space to work on your flexibility and stretching. Whether you choose the stretching room, a studio, the designated floor area or the inspiring views in front of the windows, we provide mats, balls and bands to enhance your needs.
Facility Floorplan

Free Weight Area
Extensively equipped with tons of free weights to challenge everyone from the novice to advanced, our generously spaced area allows you unconfined freedom to move about during workouts.
Facility Floorplan

Heavy Weight Area
For the serious power lifter or heavy weight lifter, PEAC has designed an exclusive heavy weight room that will enable you to achieve your personal goals. For safety and to keep you focused, this private room will include a dead lifting platform, racks, benches and heavier dumbbells.
Facility Floorplan

Private Training & Stretching Area
Extensively equipped with tons of free weights to challenge everyone from the novice to advanced, our generously spaced area allows you unconfined freedom to move about during workouts.
Facility Floorplan

Studio I
In addition to serving as a multi-purpose room, PEAC’s Studio I is uniquely designed for group cycling classes in mind. With its high ceilings and extensive ventilation system, you’ll experience the great outdoors while being indoors as you pedal, pump, step or stretch.
Facility Floorplan

Studio II
This large spacious room with its state-of-the-art resilient flooring system, gives you the ability to spread out while stepping, boxing, kicking, jumping, dancing, pumping and toning in the comfort of your own space.
Facility Floorplan

Studio III
This multi-purpose room has been specifically designed for Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Enhancing both mind and body, the environment will be quiet, relaxing, comfortable and inviting. In addition, this room will be ideal for group activities, meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures that will be coordinated by PEAC or in conjunction with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton.
Facility Floorplan

Men’s/Women’s Locker Rooms
PEAC’s locker rooms carry with them the same spacious feeling found throughout the club. Complete with private showers, steam rooms, saunas, private changing rooms and full towel service, you’ll also enjoy the location of the tanning and massage rooms. With an abundance of features, you’ll appreciate PEAC’s pampering and dedication to detail.
Facility Floorplan

This oversized safe haven with a caring and professional staff was specifically designed with PEAC Members’ children in mind. From newborn to school-aged, the KidSpace has a separate infant area, a fun place for toddlers, a pre-school activity area, and work/computer stations for your children to do their homework while you exercise worry free.
Facility Floorplan

Tennis Courts
PEAC offers two indoor tennis courts with a superior playing surface system. The courts are available exclusively for members and their guests. Lessons, programs, workshops, and clinics are coordinated by PEAC’s Program Director, Monika Waniek and are open to members as well as non-members.
Facility Floorplan

Racquetball Courts
The three racquetball courts are available for PEAC members on a prescheduled basis. Looking for an opponent? Players can post contact information on our “Court Connection Bulletin Board” listing their level of play and availability. Frequent events will be arranged to promote player interaction.
Facility Floorplan

Squash Courts
In addition to racquetball courts, we’ve added two international squash courts to round out our racquet sports offerings. PEAC offers, clinics and demonstrations as well as frequent complimentary 1/2 hour instruction to help familiarize players with this exciting sport.
Facility Floorplan

Indoor Track
If you are tired of walking/running in place, looking for a change of pace, or if weather is a factor, we have the solution. This two-lane rubber cushioned track surface used in several Olympic, professional and collegiate applications should be comforting, invigorating and a change of pace.
Facility Floorplan

Basketball Court Area
This multi-sport composite surface, which is ideal for basketball and many other activities. With the addition of portable basketball systems extended over the baseline, PEAC offers open and organized playing time. In addition, this court area also accommodates several other types of activities, workshops, clinics and training programs.
Facility Floorplan

Service Desk
Our courteous and friendly staff will welcome and assist you with membership check-ins, program scheduling and be happy to answer questions you may have regarding the numerous services that PEAC provides. Conveniently situated in the center of our spacious new facility, our professionals are always available to provide you with the service you deserve to make each visit enjoyable.
Facility Floorplan

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton
Has opened a full service medical rehab center in approximately 3,500 square feet and offers a diverse range of physical and occupational therapy services.

Lakeview Child Center
This is Lakeview’s 8th location providing full day, year round service for children 6 weeks to preschool ages. Lakeview is an independent operation occupying 11,500 square feet and an affiliate of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton.

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